Help your kids reach their full potential.



Do you have a clear plan of action for your teenager?

Why is it that so many nice, smart people end up somewhere in life that they did not want to be?

They started out on the right path, but then, somewhere along that path, they drifted away from where they really wanted to go. 

Good intentions don’t take us to good destinations. Instead, it is the right path that takes us to the right destination.

Big Picture Parenting helps you focus on what’s most important so that your child will grow up...




Here's the challenge.

As parents, it’s easy to get distracted and frustrated with what’s happening right now and lose focus on what really matters in the long run. It’s easy to gradually stop being intentional and little by little become reactive, even sloppy with decision-making to accommodate urgent priorities.


As parents, we’re in this for the duration. But we have to be deliberate and patient. 

I know what it’s like. 

My wife and I have recently had our two oldest children graduate from college. Both are full time in the workforce and enjoying this phase of life. Our oldest is recently married. Yet, we’re in the thick of it with our third child who’s just a freshman in high school.

Over the last twenty years of elementary, middle and high school, we have experienced the ups and downs, the celebrations and the frustrations. Good grades, bad grades. Responsible choices. Irresponsible choices. Crazy teachers. Inspiring coaches. Dating, parties and social media. Amazing victory and unexpected defeat. We’ve been there. In fact, we’re still there!

I’d like to guide you around some common mistakes and share some best practices that I know will spare you frustration and regret.

I’d like to coach you by merging my real life experience with a simple planning system so that you can have a clear path to follow during this narrow window of opportunity. 

I want to help you avoid common mistakes so that you bring out the best in your son or daughter and help them reach their full potential now and into the future. 

A fresh approach to helping your kids reach their full potential.

Big Picture Parenting is a field-tested online course to equip you with the thinking tools to become more intentional as a mom or dad. 


You Can Stay On Track






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But First Determine Where You Are Right Now



And Maximize Your Window of Opportunity

Enjoy Independent, Responsible & Productive Children Now!

(And more importantly, a decade from now)

How much time do you have left with your teen or pre-teen? 

Time is passing quickly and the window of opportunity to influence your child’s most important life decisions closes quickly. 

As well-meaning parents, it’s easy to get so preoccupied with the exam tomorrow, the game Friday night, and the rehearsal on Sunday afternoon that we drift away from thinking about the bigger, more significant life values.

It’s not your fault.

These short term urgencies can hijack our perspective,

gradually nudging us away from the top priorities.

We can become so focused on what matters right now that we lose sight of what matters most.

We are busy. They are busy. It all happens so fast. It’s easy to get distracted.

So much is at stake.



We're Busy Parents, too...

This course was designed with your family in mind.


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Soon, You Will See…

What Big Picture Coaching Can Do For Your Family


In A Series of Short, Memorable Lessons You Will Learn:

  • The Power of Big Picture Thinking…

    so that you can tap into this perspective to create lasting influence with your kids.
  • Why Teens Do Stupid Things…

    so that you can respond effectively to poor choices and support them moving toward true north.
  • How To Establish Family Values…

    so that your children are clear about what their family stands for and have a rock-solid foundation of character for life.
  • The Navigation Principle…

    so that you and your family avoid the common tendency to drift off course, and instead, stay focused on True North.
  • How To Set Pre-Graduation Goals

    so that your child will be prepared for independence, and you will have confidence and peace of mind when they leave for college.
  • How To Nurture Your Child’s Strengths

    so that they develop confidence in themselves and better appreciate the value they can eventually bring to world.
  • And much more

    so that you can better coach and guide your kids to reach their God-given potential during this short window of opportunity.

What You Get:

  • Coaching Modules - 20 Short, Streaming Video Lessons
  • Workbook - 80 Pages Of Notes & Drills Just For Mom
  • Workbook - 80 Pages Of Notes & Drills Just For Dad
  • Planning Template - 5 Copies of The Big Picture ParentingCOACH
  • BONUS! Planning Template - 3 Copies of RoadMap For Life For Your Teenager
  • BONUS! Booklet - 104 Questions Every Parent Should Ask & Answer
  • BONUS! Bookmarks - With Focusing Questions For Parents
  • BONUS! Prayer - The 4:8 Principle Prayer For Your Child
  • BONUS! Encouragement - 100 Days Of Periodic Reminders & Tips Delivered by Email & Text
  • And most importantly… a simple process to follow so that your children reach their full potential


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Stephanie & Zac, Texas

"Big Picture Parenting opened our eyes to many blind spots in our parenting strategies. As Tommy said, 'parenting is messy' and the need for parenting awareness is critical.  The coaching materials and videos were educational and promoted intentional parenting practices. Having a shared perspective on parenting helped us develop our family goals and focus on the Big Picture."

Kathleen & Jim, New Jersey

“Big Picture Parenting has given our family a structure where we can organize and stay focused on our values in a culture that sends so many mixed messages. I really loved how the program makes you think differently. I would recommend Big Picture Parenting for any parents, especially those with kids entering junior high or high school.”

Jen & Jake, South Carolina

“With 4 kids at various stages and a busy military life, we felt like we were just winging it as parents. Now, we have a clear focus and a renewed aim to be more purposeful in how we approach parenting our kids. We will no longer operate without a plan. Big Picture Parenting has given us the tools we need to parent with intention."

Buffy & Matt, Georgia

“This program has challenged us to step back, re-think our role as parents and narrow our focus on the few things that really matter. It has been eye-opening to answer Tommy’s reflection questions. This is a resource that will help us and any parent make better decisions."

Cara & Paul, Ohio

“We love the wisdom and practicality Big Picture Parenting offers. It encouraged us  to see the value of long-term parenting vs fear-based short-term behavior modification. It also reminded us to enjoy our children while not simply focusing on their temporary happiness. We are grateful for the clarity this resource has provided and the practical plan for walking it out.”

Christy & Terry, Tennessee

“This program is more like a parenting system. It’s a simple process that helps us avoid distractions and stay focused on our family values and priorities. What we received exceeded our expectations. The entire Big Picture concept has changed our thinking for the better. Thank you!”

Alicia & Josh, Ohio

“Big Picture Parenting brings the focus that we desperately needed as we enter this crucial time of parenting. It has inspired our 12-year old to dream BIG and chart a course to accomplish her goals. What a great resource!"

Stephanie & Billy, North Carolina

“Big Picture Parenting should be required curriculum for all parents with teenagers or soon to be teenagers. Tommy Newberry’s practical approach and teaching will both motivate you and convict you to be intentional in the way you raise your children." 

Mary Katherine & Tom, Georgia

"We are very glad we invested in Big Picture Parenting. The lessons really resonated with both of us and made us think about the non-urgent values and principles that really matter in the long run. Like Tommy’s entrepreneurial coaching, this is top notch content and delivery."

Tammy & Stevan, Colorado

“Big Picture Parenting has helped us become better parents in a short period of time. Two things stood out. First, the lesson on family values and also, the navigation principle. These topics alone were worth the price of the entire program." 

Micah & Grant, Alabama

"It’s never too late to 'up your parenting game!' Tommy Newberry has done it again, providing intuitive and inspirational guidance and coaching to help parents assess where they are in their own parenting adventure, and take positive action towards raising capable and character-filled sons and daughters for the world that they will live and lead in."

Dawn & Kevin, Georgia

"When you leave the hospital, nobody gives you a parenting manual on how to raise happy, productive children. They just say, 'Go Get’ em' and next thing you know, your kids are 14 years old! But, with Big Picture Parenting we’ve gotten a lot more dialed in on what truly matters and what does not. We’re glad we didn’t procrastinate on getting started!"

Karen & Russ, Georgia

“We have elevated our clarity and intentionality as parents as a result of the timeless principles taught in Big Picture Parenting.  While raising our four daughters is a heavy responsibility, we truly believe God will use the fruit from this process to bless our family for generations to come."

Suddenly it's Senior Year...

From the moment we carefully hold our newborn until that day seventeen or eighteen years later, when we drop that same child, now a young adult at college, we have a window of opportunity to shape what kind of person they ultimately become.

But what happens when they’re out of sight and away at college and during those twenty-something years? Will they carry our influence and values with them?

That depends on what you’re doing right now…

I have taught thousands of parents a simple process for staying focused on what really matters during the teen years, so that your influence can last a lifetime. 

Let me put your mind at ease. 

I can teach you, too