Achieve the next level of financial success without compromising your faith, family, & health. 





Are you working longer and harder without gaining traction?

  • Are you creating the results and economic growth you desire?
  • Is your calendar overloaded with too much clutter and low-value activity?
  • Do you have the freedom to enjoy the success you’ve already created?
  • Does your level of health and fitness accurately reflect your ambitions?
  • Are you pleased with your team and your capability to effectively delegate?
  • Are you as intentional with your spouse and children as you want to be?

We know how difficult it is to grow your business and career at the highest level while still leading your family and keeping your personal priorities in order. Unfortunately, the most common approach to this challenge is to just try harder and “wing it,” but this usually comes with an unacceptable cost!

What if you could…

  • Increase your free time, significantly

  • Eliminate the clutter that hijacks your productivity

  • Sharpen your focus on your most vital relationships and money-making sources.

Since 1991, we’ve helped more than 1000 entrepreneurs in over 30 different industries work fewer hours but achieve greater income by:


The 1% Club has been the single best investment I have ever made in my life. It brought me closer to God and my wife and has made me more successful financially while also keeping me super lean and healthy. My net worth has exploded and I’m also growing tremendously as a person outside of the business world as well.



The 1% Club: Inner Circle is a live in person MasterMIND & coaching program incorporating small group workshops, consistent accountability, and one-on-one coaching all designed to help you reach the right goals faster so that you enjoy your optimal future… sooner rather than later.

Re-think work.


Here’s the truth: Working longer and harder only helps up to a certain point, and then it becomes counter-productive resulting in reduced creativity, diminished output, stress, home strife, and health concerns…creating the sense that maybe just a little more work will resolve this dilemma.

The optimal approach is to work shorter and smarter, but this requires a different mindset and a focus on systems and identifying strategic leverage.

What makes us different? 

The 1% Club is a focusing system based on three decades of actual marketplace use by seasoned entrepreneurs in virtually every industry.
The 1% Club addresses a higher level, leader mindset for those who have control over their time, budgets, teams, and relationships. It is not suitable for most middle managers and corporate executives in large organizations.
The 1% Club is anchored in Christian values and is delivered from that perspective. This should not deter those with differing religious beliefs but we want you to know this ahead of time.
Coach Tommy Newberry delivers The 1% Club workshops with a blunt, no-nonsense style, and like any good coach, pushes you to cut your excuses, take action, and produce results. No coddling, political correctness or hand holding here.
All our clients receive VIP support. Through Slack, texts, calls, and a robust online platform, we stick with you to ensure you follow through and get results.
With The 1% Club, you have the opportunity to engage us for one on one coaching to accelerate your progress, hold you accountable or collaborate with you to seize an opportunity.

Are you Working Longer and Harder Without Gaining Traction?


Take 6 minutes to share some information about your life and business and goals.


Talk to one of our coaches to find out if The 1% Club is right for you.


Experience the satisfaction of reaching the right goals faster.

Tommy Newberry: Your Coach & Mentor

Since 1991, Tommy has worked with over 1000 entrepreneurs and other business leaders covering 30 plus industries. And, he’s not just coached them through business growth, he’s helped them build their lives.
With The 1% Club, you gain a distinct advantage. You tap into and benefit from Tommy’s wealth of experience helping clients upgrade their lives, both professionally and personally.
He has condensed and distilled the essence of what really works in the field and shares it with you through his distinctive and thought-provoking toolkit of strategic concepts and mental drills.
Tommy is a Wall Street Journal and New York Times best-selling author. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and three boys.

Our coaching process. 

 The 1% Club program is a strategic process we train you to master and customize.
This repeatable and, continuously refined, process, becomes your system, equipping you with the “track” or “template” to organize your life around so that you avoid distractions and diversions…and instead stay focused on reaching your most important growth goals across the critical life areas.


Define what you intend to accomplish, why you must accomplish it and how you will accomplish it.


Identify low-value activity. Reduce the clutter, complexity and obligations that interfere with peak performance and hijack your joy and fulfillment.


Organize your work life around what you do best. Exploit your unique strengths with better systems and support to enhance your personal value.


Leverage strategic relationships, habits and technology along with proven methods of distraction control to hit your goals faster.


Utilize positive peer pressure to follow through, keep your commitments and outperform your previous best.

Since joining The 1% Club in 2014, I’ve experienced a major shift in my mindset and seen huge impact on the way that I lead my family and business. Tommy’s coaching and workshop program has helped me to examine the ways that my faith and gifts positively influence every area of my life. I’ve learned to set huge goals for my future and then map out my plan to achieve them. With God’s guidance and structure from The 1% Club, I’ve learned to live on mission.


Is The 1% Club a Good Fit for Me?

  • I have standard financial goals
  • I am ok with putting business priorities ahead of family time
  • I am stuck in long held, comfortable patterns and resistant to growth and change
  • I am driven mainly by dollars and cents
  • I am sloppy with my health habits
  • I think like an employee or manager
  • I am offended or uncomfortable with periodic and relevant references to faith, Christianity, etc,
  • My best years and greatest influence is behind me
  • I am looking forward to retirement
  • I have unusually big financial goals
  • I refuse to compromise my family, faith, and health for economic gain
  • I am coachable and committed to a lifetime of growth
  • I want to be sharpened by other high achievers
  • I want to be super-fit
  • I think like an entrepreneur
  • I appreciate the inclusion of faith in and biblical wisdom regarding my goals and priorities
  • I am legacy-driven
  • My future is more impactful than my past
  • I’m just getting started

Advanced Group Coaching Helps you…

Merge Business Responsibilities with Family Priorities
Achieve Mental and Emotional Discipline
Relieve Stress, Rejuvenate and Find Success
Upgrade Your Marriage
Leave a Legacy
Discover Strategic Relationships and Alliances
Leverage Gifts, Talents, and Strengths Optimize Your Professional Life
Simplify and Declutter your Life
Strengthen Your Energy, Immunity and Longevity
Parent with Perspective

YES! You Can Maximize Your God-Given Potential!


Designed for Christian entrepreneurs, The 1% Club is an intensive coaching program that boosts income, increases margin, eliminates clutter, and upgrades relationships.


We help you Achieve Optimal!

Get a taste of 1% content as Tommy and entrepreneur, blogger, and 1% Club Member, Tom Greene, discuss mindset, fear of failure, "Etched Memories," and the entrepreneur's life.

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Listen in as Tommy and 1% Club Member, Ryan Cone, president of Cone Commercial Real Estate, discuss locking in 1% habits that accelerate goal accomplishment, learning from those who are ahead of you, and making family and fitness non-negotiable priorities.

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Imagine What You Could Accomplish With A Proven System That Keeps You Focused on Your Highest Payback Activities.

  • Substantial net worth gains
  • Closer & stronger marriage
  • Healthy mind, body, & spirit
  • Greater margin for rejuvenation
  • Full engagement & influence with the kids
  • Confidence to set bigger goals
  • Freedom to enjoy life on your own terms

Our Members Say it Best!

“Hiring Tommy Newberry and joining The 1% Club in 2006 was the single best investment I’ve made in my growth, both financially and personally. Even 14 years later, Tommy continues to push me outside of my comfort zone and to higher levels. I have also brought Tommy to speak to my clients many times and continue to share his books with other top performers who think big.”

Jim M.

"I think if not for Tommy’s coaching, if I was to continue down the road I was going, it probably would have taken about 10 years off my life. Not said by me. Said by my doctor. We’ve seen similar success in our business: at the time I started The 1% Club, we’d barely done one million dollars in revenue. And this year we expect to do more than nine."

Horace A.

“Looking back over the past three years, your team and The 1% Club program have made me better at life. My desire at first was to create more success within my business. Fortunately, The 1% Club doesn’t stop there. I’ve been more prepared and more intentional in all aspects of life – faith, family, fitness, finances, etc. I couldn’t be more pleased with my return on investment.”

Matt M.

“Being a client of Tommy’s was perhaps the most important decision in my life next to getting married and having children. I became an entrepreneur, created financial success beyond my expectations, and completed the Boston Marathon. These are but a few of the accomplishments that were planned and produced in The 1% Club.”

Scott G.

“The 1% Club workshops have been one of the greatest and most potent/powerful discoveries of my adult life. The 1% Club can absolutely give you the tools, as it has given me, to make the intangible tangible and the mindset necessary to reach, and ultimately crush, your life goals. I can confidently say that the clarity discovered in The 1% Club regarding my goals over the last couple of years have had a profoundly positive impact on myself and my family. ”

Rocky M.

“Over the past three years with Tommy, I’ve been able to obtain financial independence and was able to grow my company from two employees to 125. I also completed the Canadian Iron Man this past year, was able to improve my marriage significantly, and I think also improve my qualities as a father. I don’t ever come back from a coaching meeting without having two or three real golden nuggets that I can apply to my life that makes me that much better.”

Dave A.

Your Membership Includes:

 Four Full-Day Quarterly Workshops

 Live, interactive workshops at our coaching center with Tommy & Team.

The Portable Coach 90-day Planning System

You will learn and master this specialized version of this distinct focusing tool throughout the year.

The Weekly Coach 7-day Planning System

Gain momentum and traction toward your best results one week at a time.

Advanced Focusing Tools & Drills

Keep your mindset optimal and your attention focused on what really matters.

Ambitious, High Caliber Reference Group

Your strategically selected peers are informal coaches, challenging you to outperform your previous best.

Consistent Accountability & Follow Up Between Workshops

We ask the tough questions, keep you focused and refuse to let you off the hook.

Ongoing Encouragement & Inspirational Reminders

Weekly text messaging to ensure focus and follow-through.

High Energy Lunch & Snacks

We supply well-researched fuel for high performance during your live workshops.

One2One Private Coaching Sessions*

Accelerate your progress with personalized input, feedback and accountability.

*Remote private coaching sessions are encouraged monthly and may be scheduled for an additional fee.

Key Takeaways

  1. How to leverage your entrepreneurial genius so that you can earn more with less time and effort so that you can have the freedom to enjoy your family, maintain peak health, and stay connected to God.
  2. Bluntly evaluate your progress to date with our Mental Gym so that you know exactly where you are economically and across the rest of your life so that you don’t make flawed decisions that cost time, frustration and the very freedom that motivated you in the first place.
  3. Develop a crystal clear picture of exactly what you want to be true in your life a decade from now and most importantly 3 years into the future (business life plus home life) so that you can methodically align your day to day habits, pull all the pieces together and finally create the quality of life you’ve been working toward.
  4. A system and filter to help you invest more time with your best money-making relationships who will help you produce stronger economic results
  5. An upgraded mindset so that you can stop being your own worst enemy and instead, envision and execute a much bigger future that satisfies your most important values sooner rather than later.
  6. Learn and master The PortableCOACH so that you can implement an aggressive 90 day game plan, experience hyper-focus so that you avoid dispersing your attention and spreading yourself too thin.
  7. A coach who will hold you accountable, challenge your assumptions, push you to keep your commitments and refuse to let you off the hook, so that you overcome the low side of human nature, push through plateaus, and outperform previous limits and fulfill your God-given potential.